Tech Tip – Easily save memories to an email account for your kids!

Here’s a favorite tip that’s useful for a number of reasons. Go ahead and create an email account for each of your children. Gmail is recommended because it’s free, likely to be around for a very long time and it rocks… but you could similarly use Yahoo or any other (just not AOL as that would be embarrassing for them to access when they grow up).

The benefit of creating it now versus in 8 years is that you’re much more likely to find better email name available such as versus If you’re so inclined, you can also try to reserve other useful handles on facebook, twitter, etc that might (small might) come in handy for your child one day.

Now for the real benefit of the email address… when your child does or says something adorable / hilarious and you want to be able to tell your grandchildren about it one day… send off a quick email to your child (and any other relatives you want to share it with). You typically always have a phone or computer nearby so it’s really not hard to preserve the details, the date and any related quotes or photos. You can always search your email to come across these memories in chronological order and you can review them with your kids once they’re old enough to enjoy them!

Let us know in the comments if you find this useful… have any questions… or other ideas to simplify and enjoy life!

Chris (Nicki’s husband)

2 responses to “Tech Tip – Easily save memories to an email account for your kids!”

  1. Good idea , I wanted to do this but gmail as well as other email providers accounts expire when inactive

    1. If you regularly send photos and sayings to their accounts it won’t expire. Our son who is now 7 can log into it and read it. He loves it!

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