Life Simplification – Take advantage of Automatic Bill Pay features

I don’t know anyone with kids who wouldn’t agree that life gets a bit more complex with little ones around. Why not take advantage of any opportunity to simplify it?

If you haven’t already, spend an hour or two and automate anything related to bill payments. That way, you could literally not respond to the mail for weeks to months and never have to worry about missed payments or late fees.

It can be very liberating simply not to have to worry about making payments once it is automated. This includes the housing payments, utility bills, child services, credit card payments, etc.

I recommend starting with your utilities and services (TV, phone, etc) and setting them up from the service provider’s website to automatically bill against a single credit card. That way, you’ll at least get some reward points when paying the bills and you centralize the payments to a single card for visibility. Next, take all your other bills that can’t be paid with a credit card (your rent, mortgage, credit cards, etc.) and set them up for payment from your checking account’s bill pay service.

Once you’re done, you get to spend a few more hours with your kids each month. You only have to be sure you’re putting more money in your bank account than you’re spending. Not having to worry about missed payments or late fees? Priceless.

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