Kids Activity – Create a Worm Bin for Composting

Here’s a fun project… especially if you have young boys. Ours are 2 and 5 so this was a real hit. We decided to create a worm farm to grow worms. As a side benefit, you get excellent garden compost that recycles otherwise discarded kitchen scraps.

The first step was to go worm hunting which was exciting but not very fruitful. After a little Googling, I had many options of how to build or buy a worm compost bin… but a lot of conflicting information. Later the same day, I was out with the boys and randomly explaining to a friend, Rob Beno, that we were going to create a worm farm. As it turns out, he had actually done this and written up a ‘how to’ blog post earlier this year.

It’s as simple as procuring 2 storage bins and a bag of Red Wigglers from Ace (or your preferred supplier)… drilling some holes for air flow, water drainage and worm migration, adding some wet newspaper, soil and scraps… then waiting a few months as your worms prosper.

When treated well… the number of worms will double every 6-8 weeks. After 3 months, you rotate the bins by shifting the bottom one to the top… waiting for most of the worms to migrate into it… then returning the compost and worm castings to fertilize your garden. It was very easy and the kids really enjoy feeding the worms and gently turning the soil every week or so to see how their worms are growing. Do let us know if you try this (using Rob’s great instructions) and have great success or have questions along the way. Happy farming!

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