Halloween Costume Ideas for Pregnant Moms & Families!

Halloween is fast approaching and you have a darling little belly that can make for the cutest and most creative costume. Here’s a compilation of our favorite bellies dressed up (or dressed down) to inspire you!

Great solo costumes:

Pregnant Beach Ball Halloween CostumePrego CostumePumkin Costume
Easy CostumeEarth Mom Costume

Fun partner coordinated costumes:

Bowling CostumeBun in the Oven Costume

  (Bowler & Bowling Ball/Pin, Bun in the Oven, Housewife & the Milkman)

Solar System CostumeHumpty Dumpty Costume

(Galileo & the Solar System, Humpty Dumpty, Paulie & Juno)

Costumes that incorporate the baby or other children:

Mom & Single Skeleton Costume

Dad Skeleton CostumeTwin skeleton costume

Inviting your little one to be part of  your costume can help ease new sibling anxiety.

Skeleton Family CostumePeanut & Elephant Costume

And lastly, a few of our favorite family Halloween get-ups.

Family Elves Costume

Breakfast Costume

You’ll be sure to win any Halloween costume contest with these hilarious options.

Feel free to share your inspired Halloween creations with us.

Happy Trick-or-Treating to you and yours!

One response to “Halloween Costume Ideas for Pregnant Moms & Families!”

  1. Thank you for featuring our pregnant skeleton costume! It was such a fun way to announce that we were expecting. We posted the photo of me holding my daughter on Facebook with the caption “The 3 of us decided to go as skeletons this year!” People were trying to find my husband (as the third person) hiding in the photo but they soon realized the third person was in my tummy. =)

    I’ve had such a great time designing new iron-on designs for the whole family this year! =)

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