Best Developmental Toys for Each Age – (0-9 Years)

The holidays are upon us! Time to buy toys for the little ones in our life. The age-old dilemma–what is the best toy at this age? To help simplify the season for you and other’s buying for your kiddos, we’ve summarized what areas a child is developing at each stage and what types of toys [...]

Halloween Costume Ideas for Pregnant Moms & Families!

Halloween is fast approaching and you have a darling little belly that can make for the cutest and most creative costume. Here’s a compilation of our favorite bellies dressed up (or dressed down) to inspire you! Great solo costumes: Fun partner coordinated costumes:   (Bowler & Bowling Ball/Pin, Bun in the Oven, Housewife & the [...]

Visit the Monarch Butterfly Preserve - It's the Season!

Visit the Monarch Butterfly Preserve – It’s the Season!

It’s butterfly season in Santa Barbara! And the Coronado Butterfly Preserve is a great place to spend the afternoon enjoying the monarchs during their over-winter migration. These little guys cannot survive harsh winters so they travel, some up to 3000 miles, to roost in the Eucalyptus trees of Santa Barbara County. Our Outing: We made [...]

Kids Activity - Create a Worm Bin for Composting

Kids Activity – Create a Worm Bin for Composting

Here’s a fun project… especially if you have young boys. Ours are 2 and 5 so this was a real hit. We decided to create a worm farm to grow worms. As a side benefit, you get excellent garden compost that recycles otherwise discarded kitchen scraps. The first step was to go worm hunting which [...]