Welcome to the Peanuts Amazon Store! You can support Peanuts when shopping for anything on Amazon.com...
and stay tuned for comprehensive Peanuts product recommendations in 2012! See bottom of page for more details.

About the Peanuts Amazon Store
While we'd love to be able to meet all of your needs directly from our shop in Santa Barbara, we only have so much space to work with (so we focus on unique and fun items!). When you can't find what you're looking for locally, you can seek it out via Amazon and still support your local Peanuts store in the process.

How does it work?
We receive a small referral commission from Amazon's Affiliate program on any items you purchase within 24 hours of simply clicking through to Amazon from our site. Everything else about your purchase, the price, shipping (including Amazon Prime) and return policy, is exactly the same as if you went straight to Amazon.

Additionally, we're working to create 'in a nutshell' product reviews and recommendations by category to help you find the best items at the best price. Thanks for visiting our online store and we hope to see you soon!